Engage with your own heart wisdom

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Use your own strength of heart to sustain a natural flow of loving energy

Be the inner adventurer , explore with love, live with freedom,
create more choice

Explore The Inner You

Connect with the essence of your spirit in an easy and joyful way

A great way to access the resource within,  as you enhance your personal growth alongside support. 

Let’s talk about what it would be like to be supported along your own growth path by a  trained, compassionate &  experienced  companion.

You Choose

Would you like to be able to be more at ease
to experience peace within your heart?

Do you often find that the things that worry you seem contantly on your mind?
Maybe you seek some support with things that are hard to talk about or its feeling difficult to hold it all together
Would you like to learn about accessing and experiencing inner peace so that you can feel held by cultivating your loving presence energy and ultmately increasing your inner resources

Experience a Hakomi Session

This is a gentle and loving type of therapy. Created by Ron Kurtz. Its a collaborative space where you are assisted to explore , experience, learn more about your own unconscious habits or beliefs that may be blocking your full engagement with living a life of choice and new possibilities.

Upcoming Groups

 Small group activities and practices can complement your personal development by increasing self awarenessand inviting mindful moments. Re-discover the nature  of you by gifting yourself compassion in an easy and  gentle way.

 Both online and in person support groups 

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Connect and Trust

Deepen your personal growth to enhance inner spaciousness

Create more freedom and connect more easily
Establish your Presence in a loving way

Let's Connect
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Ways to work with me

Person to Person

I offer virtual and in person individual appointments that can be requested using the calender here on this website or by using the contact form. All appointments can only be confirmed when payment has occurred. Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this.

Individualised Support

For the month of November 2023, you can request a 30min support session at a reduced cost. Please note this is not a therapy session and is for you if you are unsure about therapy and require specialised support.

Lets deepen your personal insights

Purchasing a package that covers a month or two may suit your needs better or having online support twice a month over an agreed period. This is available via teletherapy/virtual/online basis.

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